Have you ever contemplated hiring an Interior Designer?    

The decision to hire an interior designer is a personal one and one that should be well thought out. If you are unsure if it is beneficial for your next project, then here are some tips to consider before you embark on your project. Many people would not even contemplate beginning a project without an interior designer to hand.

If like many, you know what you like, how you want your home to look, have an abundance of ideas, but you are finding it difficult slotting all them all into place, then hiring an interior designer could be just what you need.

You may think it costly to involve an interior designer, and that such a service is expensive and financially out of reach. However, there are factors to consider such as, input and knowledge that they can offer that will save you time, as they will hunt out pieces for the design. Resources are readily available to the designer, saving you endless time locating products and comparing prices. They carry out all the research, so you don’t have to.

There will be less headaches from decision making, as they can offer you their skill of tying the design together. A designer is trained to think differently and see things that the client cannot. It is then their job to express these designs and their thought process onto a mood board, allowing the client to have a visual representation of what the finished result will be.

It also prevents the dreaded feeling of not being entirely happy with your project on completion. It can be more difficult than many think to relay your ideas into reality, but your interior designer can offer you solutions and choices you may never have thought of or put together. It can open your mind, to fabrics, furniture, accessories etc that you never knew existed, but in a calm and enjoyable process as they guide you along the way, helping you to bring your ideas to life.

If you have just moved home, bought your very first home, wanting to invest into your existing home, or you are even trying to sell your home but are unsure where to start with the interiors, then contacting an interior designer is the first step. If you already have a few ideas about what you want, what kind of style you are looking for and are unsure where to find the right pieces of furniture, they can help you without completely taking over the design. If you are selling your home, they can help add value and more appeal to potential buyers, helping it stand out from the competition and therefore helping to reduce the amount of time to sell.  No matter how big or small your home an interior designer can add that wow factor you have been searching for. Creating a home that provides a lasting first impression.

If your requirements happen to be on a larger scale and you are building or renovating your own home, the input and strong relationship between client and the designer are of the same level, with the possible addition of project managing the design, trust in your designer is vital. It is an inevitable fact that renovating a house can be an enormous amount of stress added to you, so to lessen this burden, involving a designer can save you time and stress trying to locate reliable, contractors, plumbers and electricians for your project. Not always as easy task.

Do not think that an interior designer will go completely overboard and make the end result extremely ostentatious, unless that happens to be the look you are going for. Maybe you have the idea they will take over your vision and ideas of the design and not fully involve you or listen to the brief you have provided. For interior designer’s communication is key and they will ensure and make the effort to get to know you, understand your needs, requirements and style.  Designers will offer suggestions that you had maybe not even considered or even thought you would like but once demonstrated how these feature within the design, can open your mind to new possibilities, tying it all together perfectly. The simplest way to make sure you are happy with the end result is by having a firm idea of the aesthetics that appeal to you, or sometimes just knowing what you don’t like can be a big help too!

Your designer is there to offer input and is trained to help you to see things that may not be so obvious to the client. They have the skill to balance aesthetics and functionality while also considering how each item will fit together. You will need to give your final approval before moving forward throughout the process and the designer will greatly appreciate all feedback. Whether negative or positive all feedback is the only way to secure a happy ending. The need to decision make is not only left up to the designer, so do be prepared to air your opinion and share your thoughts, as this is your home after all.

Yes, you may be surprised to hear but they can save you money. It may sound strange that hiring an interior professional will help you save money, as there will be designers fees to consider, but it can be financially helpful as it reduces the unnecessary spending and prevents you from making costly mistakes. There are no hidden costs and hence will encourage spending more efficiently. This will provide a positive impact on the overall budget. An interior designer knows how to manage the expenditure for arranging and organising the house, depending upon the budget of the customer.

Working to the client’s brief and budget is of great importance. Establishing the budgetary requirements is one of the first stages of the process and discussing if any pieces of furniture, wall art etc are to be kept and used to tie into the design. You may have family heirlooms that you wish to incorporate, and your designer will continue to stick to the budget and ideas discussed throughout the whole process.  Buying items through an interior designer is more beneficial than having to buy from multiple shops too as each item will be quality checked before being sent to site. Any damaged pieces of furniture will not be sent to the property, saving you time and unnecessary stress. The cost of purchasing through your interior designer is no greater than if you bought it yourself, which many people seem to think is not the case. Some people love having the workload taken out of their hands, just agree the items you require for the project and let the designer do all the work for you.