2017 tile trends you need to know about

Tiles will never date or go out of fashion. They are a staple in any home to add a bit of character and elegance. Sure, tile styles may change from year to year, but I think we can safely say that tiles will always be welcome in our homes – whether in the hallway, kitchen or bathroom, they add a certain something that can put the finishing touches on the theme you’re going for.

However, not only do tiles improve the look of your home, making it warm and welcoming, they are also durable and extremely low maintenance. When it comes to tiles there are various styles, colours, shapes and installation patterns to choose from, but if you’re looking to redecorate, there are some trends you may want to read up on to achieve this season’s must have looks.

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Tile styles dominating the interior design world this season are major throwbacks to the trends of one of the most iconic decades. That’s right, seventies home décor is making a comeback.

Bringing seventies trends of bold coloured, textured and unusually shaped tiles in to your home this season will give your interiors a fashion–forward retro vibe.

Another huge trend in tiling styles this season is designing your kitchen and bathroom from the ground up with statement floor tiles to add impact. Design your kitchen or bathroom with your tiles in mind, and ensure everything works around the tile.


As mentioned, bold colours are really in this season but there are some colours which are particularly popular. Green and bronze are the main colours influencing current interior designs and are the perfect colour choices if you’re looking to update your tiles or simply inject some on trend shades in to your kitchen or bathroom.

Another colour dominating the interior design scene is grey. You’ve probably seen this colour make an appearance in every interior magazine or website you’ve visited lately – whether it’s a dark charcoal grey or a light and airy dove grey, there are so many shades to choose from to give your room the desired outcome – what’s not to love?!


Geometric tiles are the most common tile shape trends this season and the most prevalent is hexagon shaped tiles. Seventies shapes like hexagons and circles incorporated in to kitchen and bathroom tiles are effective in adding interest to your home interiors.

There are other playful shapes that are huge right now such as the unique fish scale tile and with these scalloped designs you can welcome the mermaid craze in to your home. Rather than the regular square tiles, less daring shapes are the large brick shaped tiles and the long narrow subway tile.


You can truly bring the seventies vibe in to your home with the classical Terracotta pattern. Terracotta pays homage to the creative layouts which are really on trend for kitchen and bathroom tiles this season. You can have fun experimenting with which tile layouts would suit your room space or be extra daring and try some patterned tiles to make a bolder statement.

Whilst tile trends tend to come and go, tiling floors or walls in your kitchen. bathroom and hallway is always going to be an interior design staple.


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Managing Director and Interior Design Expert at Glamorgan Tiles

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