Rug Rules: Part 2

In Part 1 of Rug Rules, we covered positioning and sizes of rugs in the living room. Part 2 of our ‘Rug Rules’ series will be covering some useful tips that a lot of designers are using in bedrooms and dining rooms.

This guide has pulled together a lot of clever ‘rug rules’ we have come across over the years that help give your living rooms that expensive and finished look. If you haven’t already bought a rug, these tips will help you decide on what size rug you need.


Bedroom (18 inch rule)

- Around the Bed -

To help balance out an area rug which is placed under a bed, it must be large enough to extend on both sides of the bed. The general rule which is used, is that the rug should extend at least 18 inches (which is roughly 45cm for us Brits) either side. The same rule applies whether it is a large rug, or a rug just at the foot of the bed.



- From the Walls - 

For a smaller room, this tip may work better for you. By placing just the front legs of your furniture onto your rug, it will give the room a good sense of proportion. This option is also practical, the furniture will still keep the rug in place.



Dining Room (24 inch rule)

- Around the Table -

The rules change slightly when it comes to the dining room. It is suggested that there is at least 24 inches (around 60cm) around the whole dining table to allow space to move your chairs without the back legs coming off the rug. It is also more pleasing to the eye when you have a rug the same shape as your dining table.


That’s us done on rug rules for now. We hope that you feel more confident for when you buy your next rug! If you are having any troubles with your furniture layouts and rugs, leave us a message in the comments, and we’ll see if we can help you!

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