How to make the most of your space

There are many methods designers adopt to help clients achieve the most
out of their spaces, here’s a couple of our tricks..



Planning sounds boring and time consuming, but it’ll save a lot of hassle later on.

Spatial planning is so important to making the most out of the space you have, the easiest method in doing this in with a floor plan.
A floor plan is a bird’s eye view of your space; it’s very easy to do one of these, just pop out a tape measure and get drawing. It’s very important that floor plans are drawn to scale in order for it to be an accurate representation of your space.
Floor plans not only help us visualise the space better, but they are a great visual tool for us to communicate our ideas with our clients. Once the floor plans are drawn, we can then go ahead and source the furniture and arrange it within this space.



Floorplan with Furniture and Circulation 2. SMART SOURCING

Because we all know someone who bought furniture that didn’t fit through the door!

Having the wrong sized furniture will have a terrible visual impact on your room. You may have found the most beautiful sofa ever, and then when you come to put it in the space, it just overpowers the room, and then you’re either stuck with a beautiful but large sofa, or you have to deal with the hassle of returning it and go back to the drawing board.
When we find the furniture we’re going to source, we measure them up and draw them into our plan to ensure that it will all fit and that the layout will work for our clients’ needs.
The arrangement of your furniture also has an enormous impact on your space, it influences how people experience it and what path they with walk along. You may have realised that IKEA have masterfully planned their stores to make you walk the whole way around it so that you see everything. There is power in planning.


3. IT PAYS TO BE ORGANISED Example of bad planning and good planning

Quite literally, it could save you money in future.

When you are in the first stages of your design, electrical points, such as the location of a plug socket need to be factored in, that way you can make sure they are concealed and won’t ruin your final design.
This is also a problem in the kitchen where appliances aren’t in a convenient location due to the plug sockets limiting our freedom. Or our phones won’t reach the bedside table because the cables are so far away. Factoring the location of electrical items in the early stages of planning and design really will make your life much easier.


Spatial planning impacts the way we live every day, and if it is done well, it can really enhance your life

and help make the most out of your existing spaces.

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