Thinking of having shutters installed in your home?

Here’s our quick guide to what’s available. There are so many options for shutters, so it can be a bit over-whelming when you first start looking, but we've covered some of the essentials below.

Main styles:

Full Height

Full Height Shutters

This option works perfectly for smaller windows that have Georgian bars or more than one pane of glass on the window. The shutters open and close fully with a single panel, but you can still choose multiple panels across the width of the window. Image shown has a decorative mid-rail, the panels open in one, but the tilt rod is in two pieces.

Cafe Style

Cafe Style Shutters

If you live on the main road, where people walk past your windows on a regular basis this can be a great style to choose. It gives you plenty of privacy, as you can leave the shutters closed and just use the tilt and turn option to let some light in. The top of the window will be fully open to let in the maximum amount of light.

Tier on Tier

Tier on Tier Shutters

This style of shutter is great for maximum flexibility. The top panels open separately from the bottom panels, plus you have the tilt and turn option too. This allows you to let the light in during the day and cosy up at night. Although the majority of our customers leave the panels closed 90% of the time.


We supply two main types of shutters, here are the different materials explained below.

Poly-Vinyl Shutters

Poly-Vinyl is a popular choice for shutters, and is a perfect option for bathrooms or any areas with moisture. With a 10 year warranty, these shutters are extremely hard wearing, the louvers are also supported with a metal bar running through the centre of them. Available in many versions of white, creams and pale greys, they are both practical and aesthetically pleasing. Avoid dark colours in poly-vinyl, as the material absorbs too much sunlight and damaged the shutters.

Bass Wood Shutters

Gliding Shutters

Bass wood will give you the traditional look and feel of plantation shutters, available with a 3 year warranty. There are many colour options available. Sprayed finishes (usually white or an off-white) are made from engineered bass wood. Wood stain finishes are made from a solid bass wood because you will see the wood grain on these. Bass wood is a nice and lightweight wood, making the shutters easier to use and is a high quality wood. These are also available in bespoke, sprayed to order colours.

What to avoid

We recommend avoiding MDF wood in shutters. Any hint of moisture, which is common in bay windows, will get in to the wood, it will expand and your shutters will ruin. MDF is also very heavy, which can cause the shutters to drop on the hinges, which will damage the wood in the long term. Although a cheaper option, we do not supply MDF shutters for these reasons.

Showstopping Shutters

Shutters are a simple addition to your windows which make a world of difference, keep reading to learn more about the benefits of having your own made to measure shutters.
Full Height Shutters

“Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.”

I love that quote from William Morris, it’s a great place to begin when designing your home, and if one item can tick both boxes.. even better!

Their classic yet minimalistic design makes them a timeless addition to your home! Shutters are also useful all year round, they will keep the suns glare out in the summer, and they will keep the heat in during the winter months (and boy do we have a lot of those in Wales!).

On top of that their simple design also makes them very easy to clean, and that is always a bonus.



Elegant, Bespoke and Timeless… and you don’t have to lift a finger!

Made to measure Shutters are tailored not only to fit your windows perfectly but also your personal style. They come in many different colours, styles, and materials. They can even be made to fit the most awkward windows!

Once you have decided on what style you like, our fitter will come and measure your window, the order will be put in, and once they’ve been made, our fitter will come back to install them, it really doesn’t get much easier than that!



Yes it just keeps getting better right!

As mentioned earlier, shutters help act as a layer of insulation in the winter months by keeping the heat in, and have been proven to reduce heating costs!

Shutters can last up to 20 years when cared for properly, and you’ll want to care for them when I tell you the next benefit… they add value to your property!

So, if you are looking to sell in a few years, not only will you be able to treat yourself by installing Shutters, but your property will have real curb appeal.


Shutters come with so many benefits, and though the price tag may be higher than blinds or curtains, they are an investment that you can enjoy for many more years to come!


We hope you enjoyed reading; “Showstopping Shutters”
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