Beautiful Blinds

Blinds are great because they are such a flexible window treatment, keep reading to learn more about having your own Blinds made.

Made to Measure Roman Blinds


The great thing with blinds, is that there is such a great choice. There are many different types of blinds, and all of them are customisable. These are the ones we currently supply:

  • Roman Blinds can be made in almost any fabric, making them a very customisable choice.
  • Vertical Blinds come in many different colours, making them suitable for a traditional or modern home.
  • Roller Blinds are made of a lighter fabric than romans, but again are very customisable, coming in voile fabric, black outs, plain fabrics, or even have your own design printed onto fabric!
  • Venetian Blinds are the closest choice to shutters, giving them a very slick, clean finish. Venetians come in a wide variety of colours, and can vary from aluminium to wood.
  • ‘Perfect Fit’ blinds are either Roller or Venetian blinds that fit perfectly within the frame of your window or door.


Don’t forget that blinds can also be combined with curtains to achieve this gorgeous look!


It is important to buy your blinds through a trusted supplier. All the blinds we supply, other than our roman blinds, are ordered through our suppliers. We are very fortunate to work with great suppliers and fitters who will ensure that the jobs are carried out in great time and very professionally.

As I mentioned, we don’t use a supplier for our roman blinds, that;s because our roman blinds are handmade by my mum, Pauline who has over 25 years’ experience. Which means that not only can you can be assured that they will be of high quality but they will also be bespoke!


As the years have gone by, blinds have undergone many safety tests, it is now a legal requirement that blinds are made child friendly. It’s very important when you are buying blinds, that you get them from a trusted supplier that follows these regulations.

As a supplier ourselves, we must ensure that all the potential hazards regarding the cords and chains are eliminated.

Your home should be a place that you can leave your children explore, and know that they’re going to be completely safe.

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Showstopping Shutters

Shutters are a simple addition to your windows which make a world of difference, keep reading to learn more about the benefits of having your own made to measure shutters.
Full Height Shutters

“Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.”

I love that quote from William Morris, it’s a great place to begin when designing your home, and if one item can tick both boxes.. even better!

Their classic yet minimalistic design makes them a timeless addition to your home! Shutters are also useful all year round, they will keep the suns glare out in the summer, and they will keep the heat in during the winter months (and boy do we have a lot of those in Wales!).

On top of that their simple design also makes them very easy to clean, and that is always a bonus.



Elegant, Bespoke and Timeless… and you don’t have to lift a finger!

Made to measure Shutters are tailored not only to fit your windows perfectly but also your personal style. They come in many different colours, styles, and materials. They can even be made to fit the most awkward windows!

Once you have decided on what style you like, our fitter will come and measure your window, the order will be put in, and once they’ve been made, our fitter will come back to install them, it really doesn’t get much easier than that!



Yes it just keeps getting better right!

As mentioned earlier, shutters help act as a layer of insulation in the winter months by keeping the heat in, and have been proven to reduce heating costs!

Shutters can last up to 20 years when cared for properly, and you’ll want to care for them when I tell you the next benefit… they add value to your property!

So, if you are looking to sell in a few years, not only will you be able to treat yourself by installing Shutters, but your property will have real curb appeal.


Shutters come with so many benefits, and though the price tag may be higher than blinds or curtains, they are an investment that you can enjoy for many more years to come!


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The advantage of having made to measure curtains

Made to measure curtains are similar to a handmade bespoke dress; they are tailored perfectly to your style and required shape.
Read on to find out more advantages of having made to measure curtains..

made to measure curtains

Homes come in all shapes and sizes and thus can often prove tricky when finding ready-made curtains to fit. Whether your design is opulent or understated, your personal style dictates how you want your curtains to look in your room. No matter whether you like plain, patterned, short or long, curtains finish a room completely. So why not spend that little bit extra to buy bespoke made to measure rather than something off the shelf?

Your property maybe bursting with character or be a well-proportioned new home, but ready-made curtains often don’t give us our desired finish as they come in inflexible standard sizes. I make sure your curtains work with all your homes quirks; they will be crafted to the length and volume you want and turn your window into a feature.

Have you ever seen a pattern you love or spent hours searching for curtains to match a particular colour. This is where I can turn your vision into reality. I’m a little obsessed when it comes to textiles, I know how a particular fabric will hang and able to advise you what will work best for your home. Often the desired look you are seeking requires a certain type of fabric. I feel so proud when I see a pair of my made-to-measure curtains decorating your home, I love my job!

A couple of weeks ago I was put in touch with a client who immediately said, “I know I can’t afford made to measure curtains but I am struggling to find what I am looking for, I need help!” I couldn’t let this cry for help go unnoticed and started to talk through what she was looking for. I instantly remembered a gorgeous fabric that would work perfectly; so I made sure the right pattern book was in my car before I set off to meet her. I measured the window and we talked in detail about style and length that would complete her living room. I never want a client to feel under pressure or that they are being sold to, so I always go away to price each project. Before I left I explained that this really was an achievable option and we both agreed that they would look amazing. On receiving the quote, she was shocked at the price as it was far less than she had envisaged and ordered them on the spot.

This client was not uncommon but her struggle for the right curtain is!

Made to measure curtains I like to think are perfectly fitting, lovingly crafted and designed exclusively for you. Made to measure curtains make you and your home feel special just as it should be.

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